Offering full real estate closing services to all of East and Middle Tennessee, including escrow, title insurance, and other legal services. We work hard to make closing easy for you.






Title Group of Tennessee has three conveniently located offices across East and Middle Tennessee to better serve you and your real estate needs. We have offices in Knoxville, Dickson, and the Tri-Cities. Not located in Tennessee? No problem! We offer a mobile closing service if you are out of state. We hope to see you at our closing table soon!


Title Group of Tennessee offers competitive flat fees to facilitate real estate closings and industry standard premiums for title insurance. Get a fee quote today so there are no surprises down the road.


At Title Group of Tennessee, our goal is to make your real estate closing experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. We provide title insurance at a one-time fee with no recurring or increasing premiums to give you peace of mind about your real estate investment. Let us do the hard work of clearing title, preparing documents, and coordinating closing so that you don’t have to.

How Title Services Can Help with Tax and Estate Planning

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Protecting Your Investment During the Festive Season

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Installment sale

Understanding Installment Sale of Real Estate Part 2

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Seller financing

Guide To Document Preparation in Seller Financing

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Seller financing tax

Decoding Seller Financing Tax Implications Part 2

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Seller financing tax implications

Decoding Seller Financing Tax Implications Part 1

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