How CertifID Works and Prevents Wire Fraud

Jan 12, 2023 | Title Group of Tennessee

With everything happening on the internet, digital banking is a common money transfer method. Cybercriminals devise new strategies to defraud people and steal their hard-earned savings as it becomes easier for everyone to transfer money. But don’t worry; CertifID is here to provide you with software that will keep your money safe. Continue reading to learn how CertifID stops wire fraud, helping real estate businesses.

4 Ways CertifID Stops Wire Fraud

Seamless Integration For A Better Workflow

CertifID offers the most trusted title production software for a simple and dependable solution that saves time and energy. Wire fraud can occur anytime, and the number of attacks is increasing. CertifID provides its users with the functionality that can secure valuable assets. The software aims at providing a secure transactional method for the users.

Easy-To-Use Platform

CertifID has firsthand knowledge of wire fraud, having experienced a $185,000 savvy fraudster in 2015. As a result, they developed one safe and simple-to-use platform to keep their customers’ money safe and secure. You can use their platform to help yourself and your team without hassle quickly! Additionally, you will save time and energy for your employees!

Verification and Reputation

According to the FBI 2021 iC3 Report, every 37 seconds, the FBI gets a knock regarding a cybercrime. As reported by the ALTA 2021 Wire Fraud Survey, one of every three real estate transactions is targeted. It was also stated by the US Secret Service that over 6,000 businesses become targets monthly. CertifID takes it seriously and has developed a security solution that involves verifying the identities and credentials of everyone involved in every transfer. In addition, the company guarantees the transaction up to $1 million while safeguarding the user’s reputation.

Educate Everyone

CertifID holds webinars and provides online information to everyone so that they know about fraud and the methods that fraudsters can use to trick people. Taking the time to attend these webinars is an excellent way to avoid potentially dangerous situations online.

CertifID has earned the trust of its customers through its systematic program and ease of use. Positive feedback for the company is proof. It is truly admirable how CertifID stops wire fraud. Whether you’re a title agent, law firm, home buyer, home seller, or real estate agent, CertifID has solutions for everyone! Request a demo from CertifID to learn it all.

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