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Jan 5, 2023 | Featured Staff Members

The title process is crucial in real estate and property transactions because it’s a legal way of holding ownership over real estate, and Title Group of TN Attorneys has the necessary expertise in title law. Investing in real estate can also present many additional challenges. The right attorney can assist in smoothly overcoming such obstacles. Continue reading to meet the attorneys who will help resolve legal issues!

Meet The Attorneys

1. Keep The Confusion Of Title at Bay With Kara Lee Stevens

“Title” can help a seller or buyer avoid potentially unknown illegal circumstances such as forgeries, public record errors, liens on property, bankruptcy, false impersonations, unknown wills, and more. Anyone dealing with any of these issues can take a deep breath and trust Kara Lee Stevens.

Kara Lee Stevens graduated from LMU Duncan School of Law and was sworn to practice law by the Tennessee Supreme Court in November 2019. As someone who enjoys reviewing title work since the start of her career, she has gained an extensive understanding of the history of Tennessee properties. She is aware that no two title searches are exactly the same. She enjoys the investigative work of ensuring that the title is clear and that there is no need to resolve issues before a new owner purchases the property. Her passion is visible in her enjoyment of learning something new every day. Her ambition is to make buyers, sellers, and agents feel at ease and knowledgeable about their transactions due to the title team’s efforts.

With a soft side for her pets and family, her desire to maintain a trustworthy relationship with her clients is apparent. After all, it’s in her essence, and you can rely on her. She enjoys Disney World, but you might run into her at the beach, hiking in the mountains, or looking for new books at McKay’s. And to do so, you must first get to know her! She joined the Title Group of Tennessee team in October 2021. Send her an email and let the truth reveal!

Call Kara: 865-290-7221

2. Achieve Real Estate Goals With Michael D. Shope

Are you concerned about buying a house for your family? Are you an investor in need of putting together portfolios? Going through a significant life transition involving property and real estate? Whatever the challenge, Michael D. Shope, Title Group of Tennessee’s in-house attorney, is dedicated to assisting individuals in navigating such complex processes with grace and dignity.

Michael D. Shope has been licensed to practice law since October 2013, after graduating from Duncan School of Law. His enthusiasm for the title insurance industry and its contribution to the US economy, combined with his experience and knowledge, make him an ideal candidate for working in the market alongside knowledgeable and hardworking real estate professionals and lenders.

He believes that what he does turns real estate into a commodity by providing security to purchasers’ investments, allowing them to buy and sell on the merits of the deal without fear of unknown threats to the title. His passion for helping people can get the job done. His affection for his family and friends makes him an excellent father, husband, and friend. To contact Michael, send him an email and set your worries aside.

Call Michael: 865-392-5805

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Close a deal with Title Group of TN Attorneys without hesitation. Our dependable attorneys will be your last stop because we believe in our abilities, and our track record speaks for itself! For further help, contact us!