Helpful Tips To Avoid A Closing Day Distaster [Buyer’s Edition]

Apr 29, 2022 | Buying A Home, Closing Process, Title Group of Tennessee

Closing day.

It’s the finish line at the end of a marathon.

It’s what every buyer looks forward to.

It’s the culmination of many different parties working together to achieve one goal: closing.

Unfortunately, not every closing is a walk in the park. While a vast majority of conclusions go smoothly, there are times when they don’t. In most situations, many closings day disasters can be avoided.

As a Knoxville Title Company, we’ve seen a bit of everything, so in this post, we’ll offer up some advice for every buyer to avoid a closing day disaster.

Be Aware Of The Closing Funds Policy

Issues with closing funds are a common closing day disaster. This can cause delays in disbursement and can be stressful for all parties involved.

With so many transactions hinging on the ability to disburse on the closing day, this disaster is one of the most common we see in a title company. This closing day mishap can come in a few different forms; here are some of the most common ways that it tends to happen:

  • A buyer is coming from out of state and doesn’t check to see how to get closing funds until the day of closing. This can cause the buyer to be left scrambling to find a way to get closing funds on the day of closing.
  • A buyer waits until the last minute to set up wire, causing a delay in disbursement. Wires can sometimes take a couple of hours to hit, so it can be wise to send them a day in advance to avoid any possible delays.
  • Buyers try to write a personal check or send an ACH transfer. We’re unable to accept ACH transfers for any reason. We can only accept personal checks up to $1,000. Failure to adhere to our fund’s policy can also cause delays in disbursement.

Bringing closing funds in the proper form is an essential part of closing. This is one of the most preventable closing day disasters. We always encourage checking with your bank before closing to ensure if there is anything you need to know about getting a cashier’s check or setting up a wire. It never hurts to be prepared.

As a reminder, our closing funds policy is as follows:

  • Personal checks are acceptable for amounts below $1,000.
  • Cashier’s checks or certified closing funds are acceptable for amounts below $20,000.
  • Wires are required on all cash transactions.
  • If you’re closing on another home before closing with us, you’ll want to contact us about having that title company wire us your proceeds.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Questions (Hint: There Are No Dumb Questions)

Take Care Of Any Issues Before Coming To Closing

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