Essential Questions to Ask Your Title Company About Subdivision Information

Jul 13, 2023 | Title Group of Tennessee

Buying a property in a subdivision can have many benefits. However, it is different from buying property in a traditional neighborhood. Properties in subdivisions often have legal and contractual ties. Buyers need to consider subdivision information before purchasing.

Your title company can help you obtain subdivision information and explain its impact on the property. This post will cover some of the questions you should ask your title company about subdivision information.

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Questions About Subdivision Information

Lots in the Subdivision

Ask your title company about the types of lots in the subdivision. Many subdivisions will have different types of lots. Obvious distinctions include various sizes and shapes. You may also have corner lots and lots that border other properties on three of the four sides. Certain lots might also be for different types of homes and have different features.

HOA Questions

Many subdivisions have homeowners’ associations, so there may be rules concerning how you build your house. They might also set rules for using or altering the property. Buyers should ask the title company if any restrictive bylaws or covenants will affect the property. You should also ask about HOA fees and governance.

Easement Questions

Developers need to plan for utilities and rights of way when subdividing land. While these concerns are necessary for creating a functional subdivision, they might affect some properties. Under some circumstances, easements can impact the value or use of property in a subdivision. Ask your title company if any utility easements or rights of way affect the property.

The Subdivision Plat

Buyers might ask their title company if they can see a copy of the subdivision plat. A subdivision plat is a map that shows lots, boundaries, roads, utility provisions, rights of way, and more. Buyers should see the plat because it may provide information unavailable elsewhere. It may also indicate various governmental or environmental concerns in the subdivision.

Future Development

You should also ask your title company if the subdivision has plans for future development. For example, some subdivisions might have plans to build parks or other common spaces. Some might have plans to develop an area with commercial space. There’s also the question of whether the subdivision has empty lots still waiting for new homes.

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