Preparing For Closing On A Knoxville Home

Aug 3, 2018 | Buying A Home, Closing Process

Closing on a Knoxville home can be a hectic, stressful time.

The actual day of closing can be a crazy one. If you’re like most buyers and sellers, you’re probably trying to coordinate a move, square away last minute details, and make it through closing in one piece.

As a Knoxville title company, we’d like to make the experience as smooth and simple as possible. In this post, we’d like to offer some tips to prepare for closing on a Knoxville home.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

The day of closing can be a crazy day. If you’re like most buyers and sellers, you’re juggling a million different things on the day of closing. The best thing you can do for yourself on the day of closing is to give yourself plenty of time, which will ensure you don’t feel rushed and crazed at the closing table.

Instead of leaving in just enough time for closing, be sure to leave a few minutes early. This will allow you to arrive on time and avoid stressing out if you encounter traffic along the way.

Also, be sure to double check the location and time that closing is taking place. There are the occasional times where a buyer or seller will show up at the wrong place or at the wrong time. There is nothing wrong with double checking this information to make sure you have it right.

Take The Day Off

If at all possible, try to take the day off or part of the day off on the day your close. There is a lot going on the day of closing, so it can be helpful to have the time you need. If you need to return to work, you’ll feel hurried during closing.

Occasionally, there are things that can go wrong on the day of closing, whether it is an issue with the final walk-through or a hold up getting the closing package. Unfortunately, even when you’re prepared, there are some times nothing that can be done to prevent a last minute hiccup from happening. This is why it can be best to take the day off; that way, you’ll have plenty of time to deal with any issues that may arise.

Don’t Come Alone

Is this your first time closing on a home? Are you unsure of what to expect at closing? Or, are you nervous about closing? Closing isn’t something you have to do alone. If you want support at closing, be sure that you bring your realtor, loan officer, or a friend or family member.

Realtors and loan officers often attend closings to be able to answer questions for their clients. But, if you want someone else there with you, there is nothing wrong with that. Buying or selling a home is a big deal, so it’s nothing that you have to do alone.

Ask Questions Prior To Closing

Are you unsure of what you need to bring to closing? Do you have questions over the payoff amount included on your closing disclosure? Or, are you curious when you’ll receive the keys to your new houses? Asking questions prior to closing will allow closing to go smoother and will make sure you’re prepared for closing.

If you’re like a majority of buyers and sellers, you’re not in the business of closing on a regular basis, so it’s okay to have plenty of questions. Be sure to ask your realtor, loan officer or us if there is anything that you have questions about. It’s better to ask and be prepared versus getting a big surprise at the closing table.

Review Final Figures Prior To Closing

Finally, it’s important that you review your closing disclosure or settlement statement prior to closing.

When you’re buying a home with a loan, you’ll receive a copy of your closing disclosure from your lender at least 3 business days prior to closing. You’ll be required to sign off on your final CD prior to closing with your lender. As you review your closing disclosure, if you have any questions, it’s important that you ask them at that time.

If you’re paying cash for a home or selling a home, you’ll receive a copy of your closing disclosure or settlement statement from your title company a few days prior to closing. It’s important that you look over everything to ensure that everything is correct.

Reviewing your closing disclosure or settlement statement prior to closing will allow closing to go much smoother. If you have any question about your closing disclosure, be sure to ask them in advance. This will allow peace of mind on the day of closing, knowing that you’ve already reviewed your final figures.

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