Notary Services: Your Shield Against Signature Fraud in the Homebuying Process

Sep 7, 2023 | Buying A Home

While most transactions are legal, there is always the threat of fraud in real estate transactions. Signature fraud involves someone forging or falsifying the signature of another party, and it could lead to legal disputes or financial loss. However, notary services provide effective protection against this type of fraud.

This post will cover some ways notary services protect homebuyers from signature fraud.

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How Notary Services Protect Against Signature Fraud in Home Sales

A Legal Witness

Notaries are public officials that serve the role of witnessing document signings. A person must have proper training and state approval to serve as a notary. They must follow specific procedures and verify various facts. Instead of being just anyone witnessing an event, their attestation holds actual legal weight.

Verify Identities

Beyond witnessing the act of signing a document, they also take steps to verify the signers’ identities. Before moving on to the signing, they will ask all parties for government IDs. It could be a driver’s license, state ID card, passport, military ID, or resident alien ID. The notary will review the information and check to ensure it is legitimate.

Document Review

The notary will also review the documents before the signing. Part of this is to ensure the parties understand what they are signing. However, they will also look to account for all the lines on the documents. A forger could add extra lines to sign after the event. The notary can prevent this type of fraud by checking for extra lines.

The Notary Seal

Once the signing is complete, the notary will affix their seal to the documents. The seal makes the signing official and affirms the transaction as authentic. They also attest to the fact that they followed all the proper procedures. If the transaction was fraudulent in some way, the notary could hold legal liability, so they take their work and seal very seriously.

Digital and Mobile Services

It is not always possible for all parties to come to an office or meet all in one place. Many notaries help buyers and sellers by offering mobile or digital notary services. A mobile notary can come to your home, office, or other location for a signing. With digital notaries, you have professionals who offer remote online notarization.

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