What Happens When You Can’t Attend Closing On Your Knoxville Home? (Seller’s Edition)

Sep 22, 2016 | Closing Process

When you sell your Knoxville home, there are a lot of moving parts and attending closing isn’t always possible.

You may be living across the country.

Or, family and job obligations can get in the way.

Or, unexpected situations can arise that can prevent you from attending closing on your Knoxville home.

In between the stress of selling a home and transitioning into a new life elsewhere, the closing process can even more stressful when you’re unable to attend closing.

Contrary to what you may believe, it’s fairly common for one or both parties not to be able to attend closing. In this post, we’ll outline what happens when you’re unable to attend closing on the sale of your Knoxville home.

How Will I Sign Documents?

When you cannot attend closing on your Knoxville home, it is possible to sign closing documents wherever you may be currently located.

There will be two sets of documents you’ll need to sign for closing:

  • First, there will be the documents that need to be signed, notarized and returned prior to closing.
  • Then, there will be a few remaining documents to sign on the day of closing (namely: the closing disclosure and any lender documents).

Documents Signed Prior To Closing

As soon as we know that you’re unable to attend closing, we can get you closing documents as soon as possible.

In most cases, we will email you these documents. You’ll then print these documents and sign them in front of a notary public. Once documents are signed, you’ll return them to us prior to closing. To make returning documents easier, we can provide you with a FedEx label back to us.

There may be certain cases where you don’t have access to a printer. When that is the case, we can overnight you the documents, you can sign them, then overnight them back to us.

Documents Signed On The Close Date

There will be some documents that you will need to sign on the day of closing.

Typically, these documents are the closing disclosure and any lender documents.

These documents can be returned back to us on the day of closing via fax or email. Please keep in mind, these documents need an actual signature as electronic signatures are not accepted by mortgage companies. Just be sure that you have access to fax or email on the day of closing.

Will I Need To Be Available The Day Of Closing?

When you are not able to attend closing on your Knoxville home, you will need to be available on the day of closing to sign off on any remaining closing documents.

We do our very best to get you the closing documents that need to be signed on the close date as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are somewhat at the mercy of the buyer’s mortgage company. The remaining documents are dependent on when the buyer’s lender gets us a closing package.

We understand that as a seller you may be working or have other obligations on the day of closing, which is why we will request the remaining documents as soon as we can possibly get them.

What About My Proceeds?

Even when you don’t attend closing, we are still able to get you your proceeds on the day of closing.

When we send you the first set of documents, we can provide you with a form to fill out with your wiring information.

Once all closing documents are signed and we’re authorized to fund, we can release the wire for your proceeds. Oftentimes, wires are received within minutes of being released. The great thing about wires is that there will be no hold placed on the funds. When you deposit a large check, your bank will often place a hold on the funds for a few days if it is a large sum of money.

If for some reason you don’t want your proceeds wired, we are able to overnight a check to the address of your choosing.

On A Final Note…

As a Knoxville title company, it’s important to note that we are not the ones that choose a closing date. That agreed upon date is set by the buyers and sellers and is often dependent on when a lender will be ready.

If you are for some reason not able to attend closing, we will make the necessary arrangements as soon as we are able to. There are certain cases where other arrangements other than those noted in the post must be made. We’re more than happy to make whatever arrangements necessary to make the process work and make closing happen.

Are you in the process of closing on a Knoxville home? Are you unsure if you will be able to attend closing? Title Group of Tennessee understands that closing is an exciting and overwhelming time. We understand that there are certain situations that may prevent you from attending closing.

When that is the case, we do our very best to ensure that wherever you may be on the day of closing, the experience is stress-free and smooth as possible. Give us a call today to discuss your options if you’re unable to attend closing. You can give us a call at 865-392-5801 or via email at Orders@TitleGroupofTN.Com.