Current Owner Title Search: All You Need to Know

Nov 17, 2022 | Real Estate Title

You may have seen a property and are considering buying it. You might have seen a listing for a property and want to know more. Regardless of your reason, it is a good idea to establish the current owner’s identity before moving forward. With a current owner search, you can find the identity of the person or entity that owns the property.

What is a Current Owner Search?

A current owner search is a process of finding a property owner’s identity. Any individual can go to the county clerk or local assessor to see the name on record. Most of these records are public. However, there is more to a current owner title search than simply looking at the records.

Title companies have professionals who know how to dig for deeper property records. Instead of just seeing the most recent name listed as the owner, they will pull together a complete ownership history.

This information can be valuable if you are making a purchase. For example, the current owner might have yet to learn there is a rival claim from decades before their ownership. A fact like that could be a problem if you purchase the property.

The Process of Current Owner Title Search

Most of the work in a current owner search involves discovering and reviewing public records. The title professional will go to the country clerk, local assessor, and other government offices to collect information. They will also check other databases for documents concerning issues like liens, mortgages, surveys, and debts. A thorough real estate owner search might also involve time at local libraries or reading old newspapers.

The Findings of a Current Owner Title Search

Once they have all the relevant documents, they will review the information and create a report. This report could include all sorts of information. The most obvious finding will be the current owner. Aside from that, it may also include a chronology of past ownership. The report may also include information about current and past mortgages. It could also contain any liens and the property’s tax history. If the title company discovers any issues concerning ownership, they will also include them.

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